«Barriers»: New song by Majaicans.

Madrid boasts one of the longest-running bands in Spain. Majaicans have been around since 2003 and, although they have only published two records, they have never stopped playing or making new songs. They could be defined as a ska and reggae band but have never really fit into any of the genres’ clichés. They do not play 60s ska, they do not sound like the reggae roots bands of the 70s and they have never sought to do so. They are not Jamaican and whilst they respect and love the original sounds of the island, they have never fought against the musical influences that make them what they are: Jamaican music lovers living in Babylon with something to say.



The band has always had a very DIY approach both towards music and the music business. They have always published their own material, managed themselves, played both in regular venues and in squats supporting social projects they believed in and stayed true to their ethics.

«Barriers» is their new song and although the band remain fiercely independent, we wanted to share it with you. We have signed no contract, published no Majaican record nor will we manage any of their business but we think the message is important and got permission from the band to share it with you on our Bandcamp site.



This beauty is now available on our Bandcamp site by clicking here.

We also have copies (only Cd) of their latest album «Off the Beaten Track«.