Digital News.

We know some of you do not have record players. While you wait for Santa to bring you your state-of-the-art hi fi system, we are trying to make things easier by uploading part of our catalogue to all the main digital platforms.

«Yeyo Pérez meets Lo-End Dub» is now available on all your favourite digital platforms like Spotify, Itunes, Amazon Music, YouTube etc… and you can still listen to and download  this fabulous single on our Bandcamp site by clicking here.


The times they are-a changing and whilst we refuse to give up our old habits of editing vynil records, we feel we have to reach out to those of you who haven’t got your hands on a decent record player yet.

We also have a few surprises coming up with some digital releases in the new year which feature some of the best artists in Spain and a few overseas surprises. We’ll keep you posted on that but for the time being enjoy «Where is the Line?/Where is the Dub