«Lonely But Fine» by AllB and Bass Culture Players new Video.

All B, one of the best female vocalists in Spanish Reggae, has just published a new video of «Lonely But Fine«. This song was part of «The Reply of the Half«, a 12» Lp which showcased some of the best female talent in Spain. Produced by Santi Mijarra aka Puppa Shan, this beauty of a record featured recording masters Bass Culture Players laying the musical foundation for members of What About the Half, a collective of women singers, producers, musicians and selectresses to lay out their message of unity and sorority.

What About the Half Crew

Though the What About the Half collective had published the songs on their Bandcamp Site, at Respect Records we were proud to put this monster of a record on vinyl and the word has kept spreading. We have shipped copies to Brazil, the USA, the UK, France, Germany, Japan, Italy, Portugal and all around Spain, so the message is definitely spreading.

All B is a well-known reggae vocalist from Andalusia who has just published this video of the song she sings on the record. Her beautiful voice and great lyrics combine to perfection with Bass Culture Players‘ solid musical foundation.



If you want to listen to this tune or the whole record, you can do so on our Bandcamp Site.

We also still have a few copies of the vinyl LP, so if you are interested, let us know by clicking here.

All B + Bass Culture Players: Wicked combination.