Mango Wood- Begoña Bang-Matu. New single.

For a small, independent label like Respect Records, making ten records is a bit of a milestone. We wanted to make this tenth record a celebration and could think of no better way than by publishing this soon-to-be classic which combines the powerful sound of Spain’s hottest rocksteady band Mango Wood and the legendary voice of Begoña Bang-Matu.

Mango Wood is the hardest-working and one of the most talented bands in the genre. Their records, both at Respect and Liquidator, are proof of their songwriting and instrumental skills and their live shows are always memorable. Their beginnings are our beginnings, we have shared projects, been on the road together, had long conversations and made great records. We could not have wished for a better band to celebrate with.

They provide their usual, powerful sound in two songs which are completely different but equally beautiful and set the solid foundation for the most legendary voice in Spanish ska and reggae to add her golden touch.


For a lot of us in Spain, the name  Begoña Bang-Matu takes us back to our teenage days when Malarians was the biggest band in Spanish ska. We followed her career with the likes of Potato, Ramiccia and the Shake It Ups where she always showed the skill to turn any tune into pure gold. Begoña Bang-Matu is one of the most respected and loved figures in Spanish reggae. She is not only a star, but also a humble hard-working member of the reggae nation.

She has earned that respect on stages all over the world but we would be mistaken to think that she is a figure of the past. On this record, she again proves that the future is also hers, that she continues to shine and make any tune she sings a remarkable moment of beauty.

We are deeply honoured to make records with such wonderful artists.

For the time being, this single is only available on vinyl (7″ 45bpm) for €9 plus shipping and inludes great artwork by Alberto Oyarbide.

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