Mango Wood on the Road

Mango Wood is probably the hardest working band in rocksteady. While they mix and master the tracks for their next single, they have not stopped touring. Last stops were in Lemoa (where they played with upcoming Basque band Skabidean and then danced with the best selectors from Pantx Records and Mad Muasel) and then across the Pyrenees to Bordeaux where they performed alongside French bands Ackee and Saltfish and Left Corner.

Crowds went mad with the band´s performance and rushed to get their copies of Mango Wood´s vinyl singles which are becoming a scarce collector´s item. Although we still have quite a few copies of RR003 (Rudie Don´t Dance/ Wrong Way), we only have a few copies of RR001 (Try/Mash It Down) left in stock. To get your hands on either of those wicked singles, write to and we´ll sort it out.

Hurry or you might regret it. Mango Wood nah stop.


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