Skank-A-Bout. Review by Mikey Notch Thirdimension.

Mikey Notch is a music lover, radio presenter and sound system owner from the U.K. who always speaks from the heart. He firmly believes Quality Music should be advocated. We bring you his review of «Skank-A-Bout«, Javier Martín Boix and Bass Culture Players´ fully instrumental LP.

«Music lovers, while we all love music, the vocal artist seem to take a high percentage of the praise & attention when a song is produced. Musicians should be given so much more respect for the sound they create. There have been many great reggae musicians worldwide who have created that unique sound that we love. Forward to 2018 , now this is a very interesting album which captures that magical sound but also with a jazzy laid back feel. Skank A Bout is the brand new album from Javibi Martín Boix & Bass Culture Players, which features some of the talented musicians in Spain, worth a listen & worth purchasing.»

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